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Making Music with her husband

She used to play the organ. Not anymore, with Parkinson’s disease. Now she can…enabled by the Soundbeam. Their joy is palpable.

MAD creating MAGIC

Unlock the Power of Music for Mind, Body and Soul

I’m Soul Inc is committed to Make A Difference (MAD)

by creating Multi-Abilities, multi-Generations, Inclusive Communities (MAGIC)

through Making Music and Technology

for a Happier, Healthier and More Connected World.

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"I compose my own music with the movement of my body."

About Us

I'm Soul Inc is a social enterprise that breaks barrier by using highly engaging programmes and innovative technology to enable everyone to make music for mind, body and soul.

Neuroscience proves that music has power, and that Music Making boosts this power on our brains and wellness. I'm Soul Inc delivers the booster shot.


Benefits of Making Music

Life can be stressful, making us feel depressed, isolated, lonely.

I'm Soul Inc believes in solving problems at the fundamental (soul) level. Music stirs the soul.


Making Music (doing all activities related to music creation – sing, dance/move, play an instrument, compose/improvise) is the booster shot of benefits for our mind, body, and soul. 


Not everyone can Make Music. Enabled by Technology, everyone can!

Full Mind, Body and Soul Workout.

Creative Expression. Confidence Grows.

No Musical Background Needed.

Self and Community Driven.

Enabled by Technology

We are the exclusive distributor of the Soundbeam technology in Asia Pacific.


Our Awards



It's more than music, 

MAD programmes

tailored to your needs

Magaret Lim


Parkinson Society Singapore

Good for non-musical people, by actual participation makes us more supple.


Cancer Survivor,

Singapore Cancer Society

It is music where a not-so-normal person can also enjoy making music. It was really fun, especially when you have to synchronise with others who are playing different parts to form a song. I have never done this before and never thought it could be done. I have been telling my friends about I'm Soul Inc and they should consider working for the company. The first time that I saw the videos of people who were playing music really touched me.

Mdm Sukhjit

Occupational Therapist and Board Member

Cerebral Palsy Assocation,

Johor Bahru

Music Technology is something that our children at Cerebral Palsy Assocation will relate to very well. They love music and movement here, and they love to dance! This will help them to be successful in playing and creating music, instead of just listening to music.




In hospitals, daycare centres and eldercare homes, aging in place

Fun rehabilitation, engagement, social bonding and inclusion. Local songs that resonate to aid recollection.


For creativity, language, confidence building and social skills

Let students and children experience the creative joy of Making Music and exploring new sounds.​


In gyms, community centres and offices

"Music Movercise" programmes with fitness instructors at ASPIRE 55 at Waterloo Street or at your venue.​


For joyful, impactful jobs with dignity for all ages and abilities

To deliver our Music Making sessions. Learn new skills, be empowered and spread the healing and joy to others.


For staff engagement, meaningful CSR and team building

Train your staff to Make Music then share their new skills with a charity of your choice for impactful engagement.​


For fund-raising, gala dinners and opening performances for events

Inspire others with inclusive performances at your special functions and events.


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