Find out how you can harness the power of music for healing and joy! 

Discover The Power

Life can be stressful; the burden of caregiving can get us down, feeling disconnected. We listen to music to relax. But do you know it is only by Making Music (i.e. play an instrument, compose or perform music) that we reap the full therapeutic power of music, far beyond passive listening? This is proven by neuroscience research.

Sadly, many cannot make music the conventional way due to illness or disability. Our innovative programmes and technology enable all to make music and unlock its healing power. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can make beautiful music that resonates with you, instantly, with ease. No musical background needed.

Seize The Power

Enable everyone to make music together through our award-winning Enabling Music Programme. Music is a wonderful connector and leveller. Where words fail, music speaks. This programme is specially designed for groups. Using innovative technology and a fun and interactive programme of music and movement activities, participants are enable to make beautiful music and perform together in 5 one-hour sessions or as part of a retreat. It breaks down barriers across generations, cultures and organisations.

This Enabling Music programme is a cool alternative for team-building, staff engagement, active ageing and social rehabilitation activity. 

Showcase Hidden Talent

You are looking for a high impact interactive performance that will showcase different abilities to large audiences. We can train your residents and clients, engaging those who have never done so before to perform at such high impact events, be they for fund-raising events, family/community days, countdowns or even the world stage.

Benefits: High impact to meet Your Purpose. 

Empower Others

Impact lives as a Music Ambassador when you join award-winning social enterprise I'm Soul Inc and learn to Make Music – sing, move, play an instrument, compose and perform. Neuroscience research proves that Making Music magnifies the impact of music on our brain and wellness, far beyond passive listening. Musical background not required. Our fun, innovative programmes and cool technology enable you to unlock the full power of music for healing and joy, instantly, with ease. Have a joyful day learning new skills, meeting like-minded like-hearted souls, and be empowered to enrich lives for a happier, more compassionate and inclusive world!

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Janice Lim

Assistant Director,


The use of the Soundbeam and switches enable the freeing of one's imagination and inhibition. Coming together to compose a narrative using the equipment, never done before, indeed a Dream Come True!


Doreen Ang

SCA State Coordinator,

Sathya International Organisation

The love and joy shown on the faces of the participants is priceless.


Cancer Survivor,

Singapore Cancer Society

It is music where a not-so-normal person can also enjoy making music. It was really fun, especially when you have to synchronise with others who are playing different parts to form a song. I have never done this before and never thought it could be done. I have been telling my friends about I'm Soul Inc and they should consider working for the company. The first time I saw the videos of people who were playing music really touched me.

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